Da Vocesuip.

Line Enable: yes

Streaming Audio Server (SAS)

SAS Enable: no  
SAS DLG Refresh Intvl: 30  
SAS Inbound RTP Sink: n/a  

NAT Settings

NAT Mapping Enable: yes  
NAT Keep Alive Enable: yes  
NAT Keep Alive Msg: $NOTIFY  
NAT Keep Alive Dest: $PROXY  
'''Network Settings'''  
SIP TOS/DiffServ Value: 0x68  
Network Jitter Level: medium  
RTP TOS/DiffServ Value: 0xb8  
Jitter Buffer Adjustment: up and down  

SIP Settings

SIP Port: 5060  
SIP 100REL Enable: yes  
EXT SIP Port: n/a  
Auth Resync-Reboot: yes  
Auth INVITE: no  
Auth MWI: no  
SIP Proxy-Require: n/a  
SIP Remote-Party-ID: no  
SIP GUID: no  
SIP Debug Option: none  
RTP Log Intvl: 0  
Restrict Source IP: no  
Referor Bye Delay: 4  
Refer Target Bye Delay: 0  
Referee Bye Delay: 0  
Refer-To Target Contact: no  
Sticky 183: no  

Call Feature Settings

Blind Attn-Xfer Enable: no  
MOH Server: n/a  
Xfer When Hangup Conf: no  
Conference Bridge URL: n/a  
Conference Bridge Ports: 3  

Proxy and Registration

Use Outbound Proxy: no  
Outbound Proxy: n/a  
Use OB Proxy In Dialog: no  
Register: yes  
Make Call Without Reg: no  
Register Expires: 240  
Ans Call Without Reg: no  
Use DNS SRV: no  
DNS SRV Auto Prefix: yes  
Proxy Fallback Intvl: 3600  
Proxy Redundancy Method: Normal  
Voice Mail Server: n/a  
Mailbox Subscribe Expires: 2147483647  

Subscriber Information

Display Name: proprio username, solitamente il numero VoIP stesso  
User ID: in genere come sopra  
Password: la password del servizio VoIP  
Use Auth ID: no  
Auth ID: n/a  
Mini Certificate: n/a  
SRTP Private Key: n/a  

Supplementary Service Subscription

Call Waiting Serv: no  
Block CID Serv: yes  
Block ANC Serv: yes  
Dist Ring Serv: yes  
Cfwd All Serv: yes  
Cfwd Busy Serv: yes  
Cfwd No Ans Serv: yes  
Cfwd Sel Serv: yes  
Cfwd Last Serv: yes  
Block Last Serv: yes  
Accept Last Serv: yes  
DND Serv: yes  
CID Serv: yes  
CWCID Serv: yes  
Call Return Serv: yes  
Call Back Serv: yes  
Three Way Call Serv: yes  
Three Way Conf Serv: yes  
Attn Transfer Serv: yes  
Unattn Transfer Serv: yes  
MWI Serv: yes  
VMWI Serv: yes  
Speed Dial Serv: yes  
Secure Call Serv: yes  
Referral Serv: yes  
Feature Dial Serv: yes  
Service Announcement Serv: no  

Audio Configuration

Preferred Codec: G711u  
Silence Supp Enable: no  
Use Pref Codec Only: no  
Silence Threshold: medium  
G729a Enable: yes  
Echo Canc Enable: yes  
G723 Enable: yes  
Echo Canc Adapt Enable: yes  
G726-16 Enable: yes  
Echo Supp Enable: yes  
G726-24 Enable: yes  
FAX CED Detect Enable: yes  
G726-32 Enable: yes  
FAX CNG Detect Enable: yes  
G726-40 Enable: yes  
FAX Passthru Codec: G711u  
DTMF Process INFO: yes  
FAX Codec Symmetric: yes  
DTMF Process AVT: yes  
FAX Passthru Method: NSE  
DTMF Tx Method: INFO  
DTMF Tx Mode: Normal  
FAX Process NSE: yes  
Hook Flash Tx Method: None  
FAX Disable ECAN: no  
Release Unused Codec: yes  

Dial Plan

Dial Plan: (*xx|[3469]11|0|00|[2-9]xxxxxx|1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0|xxxxxxxxxxxx.)  
Enable IP Dialing: yes  
Emergency Number: n/a  

FXS Port Polarity Configuration

Idle Polarity: Forward  
Caller Conn Polarity: Reverse  
Callee Conn Polarity: Reverse  
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